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14 ways college football said ‘Happy Easter’ to its fans

We can always count on our good friend, Jim Harbaugh, to bring the weird to literally any proceeding he’s involved with. So, being that it’s Easter Sunday, Michigan’s head coach had some well-wishes in a way only he can.

And even though they say they didn’t do it to send a message, they did. As much as roster-purging has, and does, make sense for a 2-14 team, Brock wasn’t an automatic target to go — after all, he was still there under new management, while plenty of others were not.

When trouble — that kind of trouble, at least — arrived, though, Lynch and Shanahan said goodbye.

Unfortunately, chances are they’ll get tested again. But they passed the first test. Time for that to be some other team’s problem, not that of the 49ers. Not on their watch.

It’s just a strategy that came with risks. This isn’t a new idea, and the White Sox aren’t discovering these risks right now. But that’s what makes Quintana the easy pick to determine how their 2017 season is going. Because it’s supposed to be a bridge season, anyway. How Quintana does determines if the White Sox are getting steel girders or duct tape for that bridge.

Could you build a bridge entirely out of duct tape? Like, a functional bridge that could handle 40 or 50 cars at a time? In theory, of course. Let’s say this theoretical bridge would have to last only one week. Is that possible? How many rolls would it take?

I think I just ruined my own day.

Anyway, the entire season of White Sox baseball hinges on Quintana being as good as he can be, which would lead to the team getting the prospects who are as good as can get. (Todd Frazier is here, too, just on a much lesser scale.)