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The 11 best moments from ‘All or Nothing’

We learned plenty about the Arizona Cardinals from watching All or Nothing, the eight-episode docuseries that followed them throughout the 2015 season. Not only did the show give us a lot of insight on the inner workings of an NFL team and provide us with our new favorite motivational quotes, but we also gained a better understanding of the players, coaches and front office folks.

The Cardinals were as entertaining on the show as they Tie Domi Jersey were throughout the season on their way to a 13-3 record. This is a team that clearly had fun together, and the series was filled with compelling moments, from big to small and from humorous to poignant.

Here are a few that stood out above the rest.

Who ya gonna call?
When the Cardinals had back-to-back East Coast games on the schedule, they opted to spend the week in between at the allegedly haunted Greenbriar resort in West Virginia to avoid the hassle of consecutive cross-country trips. That turned out to be an Wayne Gretzky Jersey adventure for the Cardinals.

“Half the fucking guys were scared shitless,” head coach Bruce Arians told Ben Roethlisberger prior to Arizona’s Week 6 matchup against the Steelers.

A Cardinals strong safety who shall remain nameless (because Arians didn’t say who it was) claimed to have seen a little girl named Carol in his room.

“It scared the shit out of all the rest of them,” Arians said, laughing.

If they make another Ghostbusters sequel, we know where it should be set.

The Cardinals got off to a strong start last season with decisive wins over the New Orleans Saints and the Chicago Bears, but the last thing Arians wanted to see on the practice field was a team that was comfortable with being 2-0.

Or, in Arians-speak: “We ain’t done shit yet.”

While observing practice, general manager Steve Keim and team president Michael Bidwill chuckled over the head coach’s assessment of the team — and then fell silent as realization set in for both of them.

After a perfectly timed beat, Bidwill admitted “It’s true.”