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The goal here isn’t to force eight-second violation or turnover

The goal here isn’t to force eight-second violation or turnover, but to get the Warriors to start their half-court sets with 15 seconds left on the shot clock, instead of 19 seconds. Also, Curry often drops the ball off to a big after being hounded. He’s still lethal off the ball, but unplanned Bogut- initiated set Jahleel Addae Jersey with 15 seconds left is infinitely preferable to a Steph Curry-initiated set with 20 seconds left. Force the ball into Barnes’s hands. On nights when Barnes is shooting well? You’re fucked. But he is average playmaker, at best, and even when given acres of space he’ll go into the slowest and least effective pump fake routine the world instead of shooting or attacking. If you can push him into a 5 or 7 night, those are shots that Curry and Klay Thompson aren’t taking. Get Bogut out of the game.

This obviously isn’t a panacea considering the Warriors remove Bogut of their own volition at the end of games to insert the Whirling Death Lineup, but you want to force the issue. He is great at timing blocks, but you can get into Jarret Johnson Jersey his body and force a couple of fouls on him, like with any big. Most of the screens he sets on offense are illegal too, if Curry or Thompson get free around one, a guard flopping into the screen and flopping hard can draw the call. His talented backup Festus Ezeli is out for awhile, and the offense doesn’t run nearly as smooth when Varejao or Marresse Speights are instead of Bogut.

Burneko: These are good ideas! I’m for them. But I still want your prescription for that one crucial moment: Curry with the ball, getting a screen from Draymond at the top of the key, with Klay over here and Iggy over there and, oh, let’s say Barnes, uh, thattaway. Eventually, pretty much any game which Steph is not attacked by wild dogs on the court, there come a crucial possession where this is what you must defend. You’re the coach of Generic Team X. You need a stop. Here comes the screen. Are you switching? Trapping? Showing hard and trying to recover? SCHEME TO BEAT YOUR BOYS, DRAPER. DO IT.

None of these are sure-or even likely-to work; with all your experience watching these Warriors, which one gives you the best ? Which poison are you picking? What outcome are you hoping to produce? Do you want the ball out of Steph’s hands, or his hands inside the three-point line, or what? Draper: This is probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever written, but you have to avoid getting caught up how good Curry is. He is only shooting 47% from three-point land, and that number is surely lower half-court and defended contests.