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Menu Baylor receiver Corey, shown here earlier this against SMU,

Menu Baylor receiver Corey, shown here earlier this against SMU, caught two touchdown passes Saturday’s first half against West to break the school’s all-time record for touchdown catches a single. John Rieger USA TODAY Sports Baylor wide receiver Corey needed only one half into the Bears’ sixth game of the to become the school’s all-time leader for touchdown passes a single. His two touchdown catches the first half of Saturday’s game against West were Nos. 14 and 15 on the year, pushing Henrik Lundqvist Jersey him past Tennessee Titans receiver Kendal Wright’s record of 14 set 2011. – Big 12 Conference October 17 – Baylor Football October 17 The junior speedster scored on passes of two yards and 11 yards to set a new record that likely increase with each passing game. Second the Big 12 receiving yards and first touchdowns entering Saturday’s game, eclipsed 100 receiving yards the first half against West.

REP. PAUL, R-WIS.: Why would we representing the taxpayers we represent, give you all this extra money, you are asking for if this is what the IRS is doing with hard-earned taxpayer dollars? We are seeing two months waste, fraud, abuse and taxpayer targeting, and you are saying give us another billion dollars. Why James Patrick Jersey should we do that? WERFEL, ACTING IRS COMMISSIONER: If we underfund other critical priorities that we need to improve taxpayer service and improve enforcement on the tax code, then we’re leaving dollars on the table for the American people because every dollar — : Just ‘t forget, you work for the American taxpayers, not the other way around. GRETA SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: going head to head with IRS chief Danny Werfel. We spoke to Congressman right after that contentious hearing. SUSTEREN: Congressman, nice to you, sir. : Great to be back with you,. SUSTEREN: Big day today, hearing and the head of the IRS was there testifying before House ways and means. What is the takeaway? : A couple of things.

Number one, we know that some progressive words or names were on the filter, but their applications were approved. And they were not singled out for the kind of harassment and intimidation and delays that IRS placed against the conservative groups. we got to the bottom of that one. The other thing we learned is they ‘t have answers to all these questions. And the other part was, we had the IRS coming here to Congress asking for additional billion dollars, about a 10 percent increase. They’re asking us to give them money to hire another 4 people after we’ve just uncovered just about two months all of this waste, all of this fraud, and all of this abuse. SUSTEREN: If you are the IRS now, how do you not know how it happened? It’s just not that complicated. I’ve been Washington and you can learn things pretty quickly if you really want to. Secondly, how the world do you come after all this stuff that has come out about the IRS, the targeting and all the parties, how do you have the gall to ask for a billion dollars more from the taxpayers? : First of all, the first question is a good question. How do they not know what happened and who was responsible and who asked for it? They won’t answer those questions. They claim they ‘t know the answer to those questions. SUSTEREN: How can they not know them? : Right. the point is we’re going to get to the bottom of it. We’re not going to accept these answers. It’s not good enough. That’s why our investigators are interviewing IRS employees up and down the food chain and we’re getting emails and we’re getting data, and we’re going to go through this very thoroughly. Second point — take a look at the $49 they spent over two years on these conferences, on these parties and the catering and the videos. I just ran the quick numbers. A town of Sturdivan, Wisconsin, a little less than 7 people, people working at factories, people working farm fields, these working families work all year to pay their taxes and it wasn’t enough to even cover these conferences. what I try to impress on these people of the IRS, a town where you talk about millions, billions, trillions, it’s actually hardworking taxpayer dollars.