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we actually have more evidence to present.

Elite Sidney Crosby Jersey My initial viewing of the play was that Rondo intentionally waited too long to trip Crowder and thus was only joking around, but after a few more watches, I can see how it’s not conclusive. I informally polled the SB Nation newsroom, and several people thought it there was legitimate intention behind the trip.

Elite Matt Jones Jersey That sounds about right. From this angle, it totally looks like it could have been intentional. From another, maybe it would be clear that Rondo was just messing around. Perhaps that was his intention to start with, and he got closer than he meant to actually tripping him.

All that said, we actually have more evidence to present. In 2016, Rondo appeared to pull this same move.

Maybe that contributed to a notion of the air raid as a gimmicky offense whose players couldn’t succeed in the pros. But NFL offenses have opened up considerably in the past five years, and now there’s less difference between a regular NFL offense and a college spread. Lots of teams line up with three and four receivers, running option routes over the middle and streaks down the sidelines. Shotgun snaps have never been more popular.

They’ve always stolen a lot of ideas. A lot of college coaches have gravitated toward going to that level, and they take the ideas with ‘em.

Andy Reid’s been a professional coach for decades — he was also a grad assistant under BYU’s Edwards and chose two air raid-ish QBs, Nick Foles and Kevin Kolb, in Philly — but the point remains. The kind of ship Mahomes captained at Texas Tech is probably what he’ll eventually do in Kansas City, albeit with fewer attempts. It’s unlikely that Mahomes is asked to take many under-center snaps and then drop back seven steps while reading defenses for long periods of time.

To succeed, Mahomes will need the right fit. But who doesn’t?