Redskins, Cowboys fight to keep in sight of Eagles

At the rate they are going, the Washington Redskins probably won’t run out of healthy players for at least a few more weeks.

Problem is, they have 10 games remaining.

“When a guy slides, the target is very small. I just think it (Flacco’s slide) was a second late, which is why I hit him, to be honest with you, “Alonso said. “At first I was anticipating I thought he was going to slide. And then it got to a point where I was like, ‘I got to him,’ because he slid too late.”

Alfred Morris, RB, Dallas Cowboys (36.7 percent): Although Ezekiel Elliott is set to play in Week 8, we don’t know if that will be case in Week 9 as we await the next step in the process tied to his suspension. With that said, both Morris and Darren McFadden should be added on a just-in-case basis. Morris would be the back I slightly prefer among Cowboys fill-ins, though it could prove to be a shared job.

Despite Jerry Jones’ admonition about players protesting during the anthem, David Irving raised his fist briefly, according to David Moore of the Dallas Morning News. Defensive end Damontre Moore saluted after the anthem was finished.

Irving said after the game that he is not concerned about facing discipline for raising his fist, according to Kate Hairopoulos of the Dallas Morning News.

Davis said last season he could see himself playing six more years, and he wasn’t joking. Gruden takes Davis seriously from watching how the veteran “runs around like a 20-year-old kid.”

“The guy’s a freak,” Gruden said. “He’s the most impressive guy I’ve been around really as far as taking care of his body, and whatever he’s doing, he needs to tell all our young guys to do it because he’s amazing.”

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