Trump comparing speech to Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl win raises excellent questions

Game Julian Howsare Jersey There were countless comments from President Donald Trump’s interview with ABC News on Wednesday that made us question the reality of our existence.

A few particularly odd ones involved him celebrating his recent speech to the CIA, and from those, we can painfully extract some relation to sports. That’s because President Trump called the reaction to this speech the biggest standing ovation since Peyton Manning had won the Super Bowl, and they (Fox) said it was equal.

This brings to mind so many questions, not only, Why is the president of the United States speaking like a third-grader who just got praised for a diorama?
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First off, where is this standing ovation metric coming from Does it evaluate size of the crowd or length of the standing Maybe volume of the clapping Neither Pro Football nor the NFL Record Book has any sort of Super Bowl standing ovation ranking. But this seems like an important new statistic, so please explain, Fox.

But based on Senior Bowl practice film of the first two days, Peterman’s performance has made him look even better than advertised. Through two days, combining his work in seven-on-seven drills (of which there are no lineman involved) and full team drills, Peterman has gone 16 of 19 with one throwaway, and 2 of 3 on passes 15 or more yards.

More impressive, Peterman has made ideal play progressions and decisions on 17 of 19 throws, with just one truly incorrect read. Keep in mind this is Peterman’s first time in the Bears’ offense with entirely new receivers. Showcasing poise in reading the field and timing with receivers are the toughest hurdles for quarterback prospects in an all-star game setting.

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