If all else fails, the NHL should look into this long-term solution.

It is, but considering neither the NHL nor the International Olympic Committee want to budge on the terms of their deal, it might be time to think out of the box.

Remember why the NHL is refusing to go to Pyeongchang. The IOC pulled the deal to pay for insurance and travel costs for these upcoming games. The NHLPA insists the costs have been dealt with, but there’s rumors that the money is coming from developmental programs.

Frank Thomas Youth Jersey The NBA doesn’t have this problem, primarily because injuries happen to far less degrees on a basketball court and because they make a lot of money. A billion dollars more than the NHL does, in fact.
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Gary Bettman and the league can’t afford to pay their own way into the Olympics, so they put their foot down.

Whatever the reason for their incredulity, 10 games into the season, many Saints fans are still looking for someone to pinch them when they read the National Football League defensive rankings.

In case you were wondering about said rankings, here is how they read: New Orleans is 4th in the NFL in total defense, allowing 305.4 yards per game. They are the 3rd passing defense with 191.4 yards allowed per game and 5th in the league in points allowed with 18.3 per contest. In what is considered their defensive weakest point, the Saints are a respectable 17th in the league, allowing 114 rushing yards per game.

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