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The 11 best moments from ‘All or Nothing’

We learned plenty about the Arizona Cardinals from watching All or Nothing, the eight-episode docuseries that followed them throughout the 2015 season. Not only did the show give us a lot of insight on the inner workings of an NFL team and provide us with our new favorite motivational quotes, but we also gained a better understanding of the players, coaches and front office folks.

The Cardinals were as entertaining on the show as they Tie Domi Jersey were throughout the season on their way to a 13-3 record. This is a team that clearly had fun together, and the series was filled with compelling moments, from big to small and from humorous to poignant.

Here are a few that stood out above the rest.

Who ya gonna call?
When the Cardinals had back-to-back East Coast games on the schedule, they opted to spend the week in between at the allegedly haunted Greenbriar resort in West Virginia to avoid the hassle of consecutive cross-country trips. That turned out to be an Wayne Gretzky Jersey adventure for the Cardinals.

“Half the fucking guys were scared shitless,” head coach Bruce Arians told Ben Roethlisberger prior to Arizona’s Week 6 matchup against the Steelers.

A Cardinals strong safety who shall remain nameless (because Arians didn’t say who it was) claimed to have seen a little girl named Carol in his room.

“It scared the shit out of all the rest of them,” Arians said, laughing.

If they make another Ghostbusters sequel, we know where it should be set.

The Cardinals got off to a strong start last season with decisive wins over the New Orleans Saints and the Chicago Bears, but the last thing Arians wanted to see on the practice field was a team that was comfortable with being 2-0.

Or, in Arians-speak: “We ain’t done shit yet.”

While observing practice, general manager Steve Keim and team president Michael Bidwill chuckled over the head coach’s assessment of the team — and then fell silent as realization set in for both of them.

After a perfectly timed beat, Bidwill admitted “It’s true.”

Former Packers cult hero John Kuhn signs with the Saints

For the first time in a decade, a different crowd will chant the name of John Kuhn. The veteran fullback has signed with the New Orleans Saints, according to Rob Demovsky of ESPN.

On Saturday, the Saints officially announced the signing, and Kuhn joined his new team in practice for the first time.

Hail Mary Alert!!!

Trevone Boykin converts the Robert Newhouse Jersey deep ball at the buzzer!

Speaking to the News Tribune, Boykin said he hasn’t even considered the fact that he’s got a legitimate shot to become the Seahawks No. 2 quarterback.

“I haven’t (thought about) that, at all,” Boykin said. “I am just trying to push forward with my teammates, and learn from Russ and learn what he Roger Staubach Jersey does. Just try to learn this offense and execute it the best I can.”

Boykin executed this particular play well. His release is smooth and the pass is on target. It didn’t hurt that McEvoy, a rookie out of Wisconsin, is 6’6.

The Seahawks were trailing the Chiefs 16-6 heading into the fourth quarter, and a Steven Hauschka field goal in the fourth quarter narrowed Kansas City’s lead to seven points. Following Boykin’s touchdown pass to McEvoy, Seattle converted a two-point attempt to defeat the Chiefs, 17-16.

The contract locks Taylor in for up to six seasons, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, but the team does have some flexibility built into the agreement. Taylor will make $9.5 million this year, but the Bills can still cut him next March without taking a hit. If instead they pick up his option next year, then Taylor can make a total of $27.5 million, in both salary and bonuses, according to Dan Graziano of ESPN.

This is quite a turn of events for the 2011 sixth-round pick, who was set to make just $2 million this year before his new deal. The Bills acquired Taylor to little fanfare last March shortly after they traded for Matt Cassel, who was expected to compete with EJ Manuel for the starting quarterback job in training camp. Instead, Taylor earned the job and became a starting quarterback for the first time in his career.

Taylor’s numbers were impressive last season, too. He posted a 99.4 passer rating — the same as league MVP Cam Newton — and threw for 3,035 yards in 14 games. He also ran for 568 yards, scoring four rushing touchdowns.

NFL says spotters saw ‘no indications of a concussion’ for Cam Newton

When Case Keenum suffered a concussion during a November game in 2015, the St. Louis Rams quarterback stayed in the game for the final minute despite clear symptoms of a head injury. The league later called it a “system failure across the board” and vowed to make necessary changes to ensure a similar breakdown didn’t happen again.

“There were no indications of a concussion that would require further evaluation …”

— Chris Burke (@ChrisBurke_SI) September 9, 2016

“The game was never stopped,” Panthers Cornelius Lucas Jersey spokesman Steven Drummond told the Charlotte Observer. “We never got a call to the sideline and the independent neurologist never alerted us to stop the game.”

His teammates came to Newton’s defense Dan Orlovsky Jersey and argued that the league should’ve protected the quarterback more, but also said that he was fine to stay in the game.

“I think he was OK. He definitely got hit in the head. But when I went down and talked to him, he was fine,” Panthers tight end Greg Olsen told the Charlotte Observer. “He said, ‘Yeah, I’m good, I’m good. I’m just catching my breath.’ There was a penalty so we had time to collect ourselves. He’s a tough dude. We all know that by now.”

Newton later told reporters after the game that he passed concussion tests after the game and wouldn’t have been allowed to speak with the media otherwise.

Broncos LB Brandon Marshall, Colin Kaepernick’s college teammate, took a knee during the national anthem.
Marshall was Colin Kaepernick’s college teammate. “I’m not against the military. I’m not against the police or America. I’m just against social injustice.” Marshall discussed why he kneeled after the game.

“I’m not against the military. I’m not against the police or America,” Marshall said, according to Wolfe. “I’m against social injustice.”

Marshall played with Colin Kaepernick at Nevada, and according to Paul Klee of The Gazette, he supports Kaepernick and his ongoing protest during the national anthem.

“Kaep, he’s using his platform how he wants to use it, to reach the masses,” Marshall said. “We have freedom of speech. But then we use our platform, and we get bashed for it. It’s almost like they want us to only go with the grain. And once we go against the grain, it’s an issue.”

How strictly are the England rioters being sentenced?

How strictly are the England rioters being sentenced? Where are they from? What are their neighbourhoods Rahim Moore Jersey like? These are some of the questions the Guardian is trying to answer as part of its Reading the Riots project, conjunction with the London School of Economics, Rowntree Foundation and Open Society Foundations. One of the core elements of the project is a database compiled by the Guardian of more than 1 individuals arrested and charged amidst the riots – more than two-thirds of the 1 people charged far connection with the disturbances. The data has already been used to demonstrate the first individuals passing through magistrates’ courts are typically receiving sentences between 25% to 40% above the average for their crimes, and new analysis carried Randy Starks Jersey out on the first 72 Crown court cases suggests this trend is accelerating: A preliminary analysis of the Guardian’s court data, which constitutes more than 70% of the total number of defendants processed through English courts, indicates that sentencing at crown court is more severe than is normal, with judges even more willing to take involvement the riots as aggravating factor than their counterparts magistrates courts.

The average crown court sentence for individuals engaging theft or handling stolen goods from crown courts far is 13 months, nearly three times the average 4 month sentence handed down 2010 – equivalent to a sentence 231% longer than the 2010 average. Magistrate courts have been delivering sentences around 25% longer than is normal for the same offence, according to the Guardian data. This reflects the greater sentencing powers of crown courts, and potentially also the severity of riot-related cases transferred to the higher courts. The information be used for further analysis of sentencing the coming weeks, alongside more detailed work looking at the demographics of alleged rioters’ addresses versus their boroughs and cities as a whole. The data also be used to inform the central pillar of the Reading the Riots study – talking directly to rioters, their families, and communities. Initial work on deprivation of alleged rioters suggested 41% of those initially charged came from areas the top 10% of the index of multiple deprivation.

A team of journalists directly staffing courts provided the initial core data, which was then supplemented through extensive access to magistrates’ court registers from around the country. Many courts were able to specifically identify which of their cases were riot-related, but where courts could not directly do this, information was gathered on the date, location and type of offence to judge its inclusion. Where available, supplementary information from local media reports and elsewhere is used to bolster this data. The definition of a rioter is ambiguous one, especially as the police and CPS have charged almost no-one with the offence of riot. At this stage, we constantly updating and refining the database it contains only those cases connected to the riots. It is also important to note that of those listed have plead not guilty at their first trial and eventually be cleared of all charges. The database be updated weekly over the course of the project as the individuals contained the data proceed through the court system and new people are added. The data includes the names, approximate addresses, charge and where applicable sentence of the listed individuals. The data also includes a flag indicating whether the case was most recently heard magistrates’, crown or youth court. No-one under 18 is named for legal reasons. SOURCES AND ADDITIONAL REPORTING: Federica Cocco, Helen, Siraj Datoo, National News, Newsteam, Raymonds Press, Central News, Magistrates Courts, John Burn-Murdoch, Siraj Datoo, Cerutti, Farah Jassat, Anna Smith, Sarah Marsh, Freya Gibbs and Ministry of Justice Here’s a large sample of the data we are working with. Let us know what you think.

Menu Baylor receiver Corey, shown here earlier this against SMU,

Menu Baylor receiver Corey, shown here earlier this against SMU, caught two touchdown passes Saturday’s first half against West to break the school’s all-time record for touchdown catches a single. John Rieger USA TODAY Sports Baylor wide receiver Corey needed only one half into the Bears’ sixth game of the to become the school’s all-time leader for touchdown passes a single. His two touchdown catches the first half of Saturday’s game against West were Nos. 14 and 15 on the year, pushing Henrik Lundqvist Jersey him past Tennessee Titans receiver Kendal Wright’s record of 14 set 2011. – Big 12 Conference October 17 – Baylor Football October 17 The junior speedster scored on passes of two yards and 11 yards to set a new record that likely increase with each passing game. Second the Big 12 receiving yards and first touchdowns entering Saturday’s game, eclipsed 100 receiving yards the first half against West.

REP. PAUL, R-WIS.: Why would we representing the taxpayers we represent, give you all this extra money, you are asking for if this is what the IRS is doing with hard-earned taxpayer dollars? We are seeing two months waste, fraud, abuse and taxpayer targeting, and you are saying give us another billion dollars. Why James Patrick Jersey should we do that? WERFEL, ACTING IRS COMMISSIONER: If we underfund other critical priorities that we need to improve taxpayer service and improve enforcement on the tax code, then we’re leaving dollars on the table for the American people because every dollar — : Just ‘t forget, you work for the American taxpayers, not the other way around. GRETA SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: going head to head with IRS chief Danny Werfel. We spoke to Congressman right after that contentious hearing. SUSTEREN: Congressman, nice to you, sir. : Great to be back with you,. SUSTEREN: Big day today, hearing and the head of the IRS was there testifying before House ways and means. What is the takeaway? : A couple of things.

Number one, we know that some progressive words or names were on the filter, but their applications were approved. And they were not singled out for the kind of harassment and intimidation and delays that IRS placed against the conservative groups. we got to the bottom of that one. The other thing we learned is they ‘t have answers to all these questions. And the other part was, we had the IRS coming here to Congress asking for additional billion dollars, about a 10 percent increase. They’re asking us to give them money to hire another 4 people after we’ve just uncovered just about two months all of this waste, all of this fraud, and all of this abuse. SUSTEREN: If you are the IRS now, how do you not know how it happened? It’s just not that complicated. I’ve been Washington and you can learn things pretty quickly if you really want to. Secondly, how the world do you come after all this stuff that has come out about the IRS, the targeting and all the parties, how do you have the gall to ask for a billion dollars more from the taxpayers? : First of all, the first question is a good question. How do they not know what happened and who was responsible and who asked for it? They won’t answer those questions. They claim they ‘t know the answer to those questions. SUSTEREN: How can they not know them? : Right. the point is we’re going to get to the bottom of it. We’re not going to accept these answers. It’s not good enough. That’s why our investigators are interviewing IRS employees up and down the food chain and we’re getting emails and we’re getting data, and we’re going to go through this very thoroughly. Second point — take a look at the $49 they spent over two years on these conferences, on these parties and the catering and the videos. I just ran the quick numbers. A town of Sturdivan, Wisconsin, a little less than 7 people, people working at factories, people working farm fields, these working families work all year to pay their taxes and it wasn’t enough to even cover these conferences. what I try to impress on these people of the IRS, a town where you talk about millions, billions, trillions, it’s actually hardworking taxpayer dollars.

The goal here isn’t to force eight-second violation or turnover

The goal here isn’t to force eight-second violation or turnover, but to get the Warriors to start their half-court sets with 15 seconds left on the shot clock, instead of 19 seconds. Also, Curry often drops the ball off to a big after being hounded. He’s still lethal off the ball, but unplanned Bogut- initiated set Jahleel Addae Jersey with 15 seconds left is infinitely preferable to a Steph Curry-initiated set with 20 seconds left. Force the ball into Barnes’s hands. On nights when Barnes is shooting well? You’re fucked. But he is average playmaker, at best, and even when given acres of space he’ll go into the slowest and least effective pump fake routine the world instead of shooting or attacking. If you can push him into a 5 or 7 night, those are shots that Curry and Klay Thompson aren’t taking. Get Bogut out of the game.

This obviously isn’t a panacea considering the Warriors remove Bogut of their own volition at the end of games to insert the Whirling Death Lineup, but you want to force the issue. He is great at timing blocks, but you can get into Jarret Johnson Jersey his body and force a couple of fouls on him, like with any big. Most of the screens he sets on offense are illegal too, if Curry or Thompson get free around one, a guard flopping into the screen and flopping hard can draw the call. His talented backup Festus Ezeli is out for awhile, and the offense doesn’t run nearly as smooth when Varejao or Marresse Speights are instead of Bogut.

Burneko: These are good ideas! I’m for them. But I still want your prescription for that one crucial moment: Curry with the ball, getting a screen from Draymond at the top of the key, with Klay over here and Iggy over there and, oh, let’s say Barnes, uh, thattaway. Eventually, pretty much any game which Steph is not attacked by wild dogs on the court, there come a crucial possession where this is what you must defend. You’re the coach of Generic Team X. You need a stop. Here comes the screen. Are you switching? Trapping? Showing hard and trying to recover? SCHEME TO BEAT YOUR BOYS, DRAPER. DO IT.

None of these are sure-or even likely-to work; with all your experience watching these Warriors, which one gives you the best ? Which poison are you picking? What outcome are you hoping to produce? Do you want the ball out of Steph’s hands, or his hands inside the three-point line, or what? Draper: This is probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever written, but you have to avoid getting caught up how good Curry is. He is only shooting 47% from three-point land, and that number is surely lower half-court and defended contests.

Anger and frustration within the Muskegon community

MUSKEGON – Anger and frustration within the Muskegon community has continued over the lack of information released by law enforcement officials about the nearly month-old shooting of a Muskegon man.

It’s something Rev. hopes to address during a community meeting on Tuesday. , president of the Muskegon branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, is hosting a townhall-style meeting at 6 p.m. at Community Church about the shooting of.

With no information Marc Savard Jersey coming from the police department, there are stories running different directions. We want to try to help that, said. Since the Sept. 23 shooting of by a Muskegon police officer, the Muskegon community have sought answers from law enforcement as to what led to the incident, said.

We’ve gotten to a point where there is more frustration over the lack of information. We want to inform the community the best we can, said. However, Michigan State Police officials – who are investigating the Matt Beleskey Jersey shooting – say the investigation is ongoing, and the officer who shot was seriously injured and only recently could be interviewed. Investigators say they are waiting for results of lab work performed on items turned over to the state crime lab, including the officer’s equipment and both men’s clothing, police said. The 38-year-old veteran Muskegon police officer, whose name has not been released by authorities, suffered serious head injuries from something other than a gunshot wound the night of the shooting, police said.

Hopefully, there is a report coming out real , said. We’ve got to the point, order for the community to heal and have better police community relations, that this meeting had to be the foundation. We want to use this to pull the community together. was shot dead around 1 a.m. a fenced backyard behind 1705 Pine after a foot and confrontation with the officer. Police said , a recent parolee with convictions that included resisting and obstructing police and drug delivery, fled from a vehicle during a traffic stop. Meanwhile, the NAACP is seeking independent investigations about the shooting from the U.S. attorney general and U.S. Department of Justice.