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NBA wrap: Rockets end Warriors’ 14-game road winning streak

The Rockets are insisting Saturday’s 116-108 win over the Warriors means absolutely nothing, but it certainly feels like something.

Houston won the season series over the Warriors (2-1) with the victory. By doing so without their best defender on the court in Trevor Ariza, the Rockets showed they have what it takes to be a legitimate contender to the Warriors in the Western Conference.

There was nothing redeeming about the first quarter for the Cavaliers Saturday. Cleveland allowed 43 points to the Thunder at Quicken Loans Arena and Oklahoma City looked unstoppable.

It was so bad for the Cavs, their home fans booed them off the court to end the opening frame. But as embarrassing as those first 12 minutes were for Cleveland, some of the stats they allowed were actually kind of impressive… for the Thunder.

Arledge: Give me the Habs. Carey Price and Shea Weber, elite players at their respective positions, have both missed extended time, so there’s that right off the bat. The roster has plenty of young talent in the form of Jonathan Drouin, Brendan Gallagher and Alex Galchenyuk — the last of which would definitely benefit from new management.

“Everybody has their own opinion. Fans are one thing. It is what it is,” he said. “There are a lot of things I could have done better also. It is what it is.”

Porzingis trails Embiid in points (23.9 to 23.6), rebounds (11.0 to 6.9) and assists (3.5 to 1.2) per game. He has been on the court more often, playing in 39 games as opposed to 32 for the 76ers center and Porzingis has been a better shot-blocker (2.4 to 1.9) as well.

The difference between being elected to the All-Star game by vote is minimal, so there’s no shame in not getting the nod, but that doesn’t lessen the blow of not being given the recognition by the fans and people who cover the sport.

Fortunately for the 22-year-old, he has a great chance to earn his spot on his numbers alone, and will likely be added to the roster as a reserve when the full All-Star rosters are announced Tuesday. indians_003