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How they got to this point are different stories.

Mississippi State and Massachusetts have winning streaks on the line when they meet at Davis Wade Stadium in Starkville, Miss., on Saturday.

Vikings. Sam Bradford’s chronic injuries interrupted yet another season. Case Keenum isn’t the long-term answer, and Teddy Bridgewater is still weeks away. Who do the Vikings commit to, and for how much? Like the Cardinals, they have pieces in place to compete now.

Those are all varying degrees of possibility for Cousins. It’s all because the biggest possibility, the 49ers, became an impossibility.

Freshman quarterback Sam Ehlinger, who has started five of Texas’ eight games, has been cleared from concussion protocol and has resumed practicing with the team.

Herman said Monday he has no intention of announcing in advance if Ehlinger or sophomore Shane Buechele, who started at quarterback last week and led the Longhorns to victory, would be the first one behind center on Saturday against TCU.

“Probably the only silver lining to having those guys banged up and both of them having played very well at times is that we don’t have to name a starting quarterback,” Herman said. “Unless college football has gone to the NFL, we don’t have to say anything about our depth chart. By Wednesday or Thursday we probably should know internally, but that’s for (TCU) to figure out.”

the ratings trend is one the league and its television partners want to figure out soon.

Dallas controlled the clock for 34:55 on the back of a strong performance from Ezekiel Elliott, who finished with 116 yards. And the only turnover was Prescott’s interception, but it was a costly one.

The Cowboys were hit with a questionable penalty early in the third quarter for roughing Rodgers that got the Packers out of a bind. The 15 yards gave the Packers offense some room to breathe, and it kicked off a scoring drive that started the Packers’ turnaround.

A panel of three judges overturned an emergency injunction that had been granted to Elliott by Judge Amos Mazzant at the district court level. That injunction kept Elliott on the field and put his suspension on hold until the court case was complete.

It has been given observer status by the Global Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF) – meaning it is provisionally recognised as a sport.

Citing the potential impact of decreasing ratings on advertising revenues, investment bank Credit Suisse lowered its projections on Fox and CBS stocks within the last week.

The viewership numbers the Post reports do not include Monday night’s Colts-Titans game, but that telecast won’t help. According to SportsBusiness Daily (link requires subscription), the game drew a 6.1 overnight Nielsen rating, the third-lowest MNF overnight since ESPN started broadcasting the show in 2006. The all-time low overnight for MNF on ESPN is 5.7 for last year’s Falcons-Saints Week 3 game, which competed for viewers against the first Trump-Clinton debate.

While some will blame national anthem protests or the declining quality of the product, there are countless factors that can affect television viewership of sports. Whatever the reasons, though, the ratings trend is one the league and its television partners want to figure out soon.

Broncos’ Brandon Marshall Jersey screws with angry tweeters who think he’s Giants’ Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall had a rough night in a Giants’ loss. The veteran wide receiver had one reception for 17 yards in a 24-10 contest. And given that Odell Beckham Jr. was a game-time decision, fans expected a big game from Marshall.

If you’re a disgruntled Giants fan, chances are you’re probably not near Denver which is good since no one will accept the linebackers’ invitation to catch these hands in a parking lot in Denver.

The NFL has a public relations problem when it comes to its handling of violence against women, and for good reason. The league has been inconsistent in doling out discipline.

In July 2014, Roger Goodell initially issued a two-game suspension to Ray Rice after Rice knocked his then-fiancée out in an elevator. The light suspension was reportedly the result of lobbying by the Ravens owner. Rice received an indefinite suspension and was cut by the Ravens after TMZ released a video of the incident.

Former Giants kicker Josh Brown was suspended for only one game by the NFL to start the 2016 season, despite a known history of violence against his wife. After re-opening the investigation Kendall Wright Womens Jersey based on “new information,” the NFL issued a new 6-game suspension to Brown on Sept. 8 — coincidentally, the day it expected a ruling from a federal court in Texas on a temporary restraining order that would allow Elliott to remain on the field.

With Elliott’s suspension, the NFL sets an example and illustrates Authentic Ryan Ramczyk Jersey that even a popular player isn’t above the league’s rules and consequences for violating them.

I’d love to play for the Browns

Their best description of a No. 1 back, LeGarrette Blount, had a rough game, with 11 carries for 31 yards and a critical lost fumble. Their mismatch-creating quick scatback, Dion Lewis, was slowed down by the Falcons’ fast defense.

Enter White to dominate the game in the second half. He caught 14 of his 16 targets for 110 yards and a TD. He also was the Pats’ most effective rusher, with six carries for 29 yards and two more TDs — the 1-yard game-tying score and the 2-yard walkoff.

White didn’t know if he was going to be playing every snap or no snaps, but in typical Patriots fashion, he played all the right snaps.

“I had an idea, but at the same time, you never know how the game is going to go,” he said. “I just wanted to be a viable option for my team whenever the ball came my way, blocking, running. I just wanted to do whatever it took to get a victory. It’s the Super Bowl — you have to lay it all on the line.”

“I don’t mind where I play at all,” Garrett said. “I just want to go No. 1 and be the best player in the draft and the best in the league for years to come. It doesn’t matter who I’m with.

“I’d love to play for the Browns. I’d love to play for anybody who picks me No. 1. But my goal is just to go No. 1 and have a successful career.”

There’s a good chance Garrett will soon achieve the former. Even though the Browns need a starting quarterback, it appears likely that top prospects like Clemson’s Deshaun Watson or North Carolina’s Mitch Trubisky will be considered too big a risk for such an investment.

The Browns also are in need of pass-rush help as the team shifts to a 4-3 system under new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Cleveland finished tied for 30th in the NFL last season with 26 sacks.texans_042

Lattimore’s injury history is the key concern about his future in the NFL.

Follow the action with our 2017 NFL draft tracker with pick-by-pick results and analysis updating in real-time for all seven rounds.

With that, it’s time to go through a collection of truck sticks. These run roughly in chronological order, starting with Fournette’s freshman season in 2014 and continuing through his junior season, last year.

Lattimore’s injury history is the key concern about his future in the NFL. The hamstring injuries plagued him in high school and were severe enough to require surgery on his left hamstring in his redshirt freshman season with the Buckeyes. An injury to the right hamstring severely limited him in his redshirt sophomore year.

He stayed healthy throughout the 2016 season, but it was the only year he started at Ohio State. That lack of experience is another concern with Lattimore.

Lattimore was also injured at the combine, and while it was initially reported to be a hamstring injury, Lattimore refuted that:

The difference for Lattimore in his final season at Ohio State was a shift in the way he approached stretching and strength and conditioning. The Saints should create a plan for Lattimore to keep him loose and healthy enough to reach the same heights he did last year.

Especially quarterback Steve McNair, who Cook represented and who Fisher coached for the bulk of McNair’s career. Cook’s and Fisher’s bond over McNair remains strong.

“Bus called and I went, back in February,’’ Fisher said. “I flew from L.A. to Houston and drove over to the Texas A&M campus. It wasn’t that long after I had been let go by the Rams and it was the first and only thing I have done with football since.

“We met for about eight hours. There was a feeling out period. He was a little nervous at first. But he settled down and I could see his confidence. We talked about what happens on draft day, after draft day with OTAs, through the summer and into camp. We talked about the combine.’’

14 ways college football said ‘Happy Easter’ to its fans

We can always count on our good friend, Jim Harbaugh, to bring the weird to literally any proceeding he’s involved with. So, being that it’s Easter Sunday, Michigan’s head coach had some well-wishes in a way only he can.

And even though they say they didn’t do it to send a message, they did. As much as roster-purging has, and does, make sense for a 2-14 team, Brock wasn’t an automatic target to go — after all, he was still there under new management, while plenty of others were not.

When trouble — that kind of trouble, at least — arrived, though, Lynch and Shanahan said goodbye.

Unfortunately, chances are they’ll get tested again. But they passed the first test. Time for that to be some other team’s problem, not that of the 49ers. Not on their watch.

It’s just a strategy that came with risks. This isn’t a new idea, and the White Sox aren’t discovering these risks right now. But that’s what makes Quintana the easy pick to determine how their 2017 season is going. Because it’s supposed to be a bridge season, anyway. How Quintana does determines if the White Sox are getting steel girders or duct tape for that bridge.

Could you build a bridge entirely out of duct tape? Like, a functional bridge that could handle 40 or 50 cars at a time? In theory, of course. Let’s say this theoretical bridge would have to last only one week. Is that possible? How many rolls would it take?

I think I just ruined my own day.

Anyway, the entire season of White Sox baseball hinges on Quintana being as good as he can be, which would lead to the team getting the prospects who are as good as can get. (Todd Frazier is here, too, just on a much lesser scale.)

Brendan Kennedy at Packers blog Acme Packing Company breaks down the problems with the defense.

Dion Waiters is going to opt out and get paid. The question is whether Miami is going to pay him. Chris Bosh’s contract will likely come off the books this summer as well.

That gives Miami a lot of money to play around with when free agency strikes. Justice Winslow was ruled out for the season after he tore the labrum in his right shoulder in January. The Heat need another option at the forward spot, and Jayson Tatum is a versatile scorer who impressed in one season at Duke. He is adept at knocking down the corner three and a spot on the floor highlighted in Erik Spoelstra’s offense.

Brendan Kennedy at Packers blog Acme Packing Company breaks down the problems with the defense.

People like to cite (1) Dom Capers’ schematic deficiencies or (2) that he thought the read-option was what happens when you hit the Closed Captioning button on your TV as some of the reasons why the defense has come up short. The fact is, he’s not the one failing to wrap up or getting his ankles shattered by a juke move. Basic tackling fundamentals can certainly be coached and all, but it also begs the question – just why are paid professionals more than halfway through the season still in need of entry-level job training?

And therein lies an even more critical question for the Packers – if it’s not a matter of scheme or an abundance of injuries (aside from Clay Matthews), is it possible the personnel the Packers have on defense just aren’t very good? It’s a question that Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson must’ve at least considered by now.

Be sure to check out SB Nation’s team blogs, Big Blue View and Acme Packing Company, for more analysis and highlights from the game.

Doug Martin is reportedly feeling less pain from the torn labrum in his shoulder he suffered last month.

The story of the 2013 Chargers begins and ends with the resurrection of quarterback Philip Rivers. The former 2004 first round pick has amassed 2,473 yards and 17 touchdowns versus only seven interceptions. Rivers has been able to master Mike McCoy’s offense which is reliant on completions of any distance, registering a league-high 72.2 completion percentage.

Rivers has been helped out by having a healthy Antonio Gates. The college basketball player turned All-Pro tight end has been enjoying a terrific campaign, totaling 48 catches and 550 yards with a pair of touchdowns. On the outside, rookie Keenan Allen has emerged as a solid receiver with 527 yards and 15.5 yards per reception.

Unfortunately, the good news stops on offense. San Diego has struggled at just about everything defensively, giving up yards and points at a very high rate. With no true pass-rusher to speak of, the Chargers rank 27th against the pass. The rushing defense also has plenty of problems, giving up over 118 yards on average.

Doug Martin is reportedly feeling less pain from the torn labrum in his shoulder he suffered last month. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back now hopes to make a return this season.

Whether Martin will be allowed to come back remains to be seen. The Bucs’ season is circling the drain, so the training staff does not have much incentive to rush Martin back to the field. He is also in need of surgery, and the sooner he undergoes the procedure the sooner he can begin getting ready for the 2014 season. Also worth noting is that Mike James is running the ball well in Martin’s stead.

We may see Martin play again this season simply due to his own competitiveness. There is little practical reason for the running back to suit up again, however.

The 49ers were scheduled to start the league year with no quarterbacks on the roster and no real offensive playmaking talent either.

49ers agree to terms with QB Brian Hoyer, WR Marquise Goodwin, and FB Kyle Juszczyk. They’re expected to sign WR Pierre Garcon on Thursday afternoon too.

The 49ers were scheduled to start the league year with no quarterbacks on the roster and no real offensive playmaking talent either. So it’s not surprising to see them sweep up four players right off the bat, especially the two players — Hoyer and Garcon — that coach Kyle Shanahan already knows well.

At least they seem to have realistic expectations about who Hoyer is: a backup. Kyle Shanahan reportedly suggested as much. It’s a two-year deal, which supports that. Now, the Niners can draft a quarterback and develop him on the bench behind Hoyer, if they so choose. Or, perhaps more likely, use Hoyer to keep Kirk Cousins’s seat warm until 2018.

With temperatures this hot, fans will need to remember to beat the heat and stay safe. Stay hydrated. Tailgating at the track usually means fun and alcohol, but try to mix in a little more water with your preferred tailgating drink. Water will be your best friend on a hot day like Sunday

Try to find a lighter-colored shirt of your favorite driver — something in a light gray or white. Darker colors absorb heat from the sun and then heat you up. Sunscreen will be an absolute must. Finally, make sure you find shade and breaks, even a cooling station at the track. And if you start to feel sick, listen to your body and get some medical attention.

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Rodgers did something similar to “run the table” two years ago

“I will never bet against him when he’s like that. He’s playing at a level where he can compensate for the shortcomings defensively, the almost nonexistence of a running game. He can compensate and put them into a position to win a Super Bowl.”

“I knew what I was doing,” Aaron Rodgers said about the bold prediction he made after the Packers’ Week 11 loss to the Redskins. “I was hoping to take some of the pressure off of some of the guys and put it on myself.”

“The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” is a business book. It’s about the problems teams face as they try to “row together.” Rodgers calls it a “phenomenal read for anybody in a leadership position.”

“One [part] that especially talked to me about this team,” Rodgers said, “was communication and conflict and being comfortable having issues with teammates and resolving them and moving forward in a positive way and not having that fear of conflict, which I think alienates and isolates individuals. Being comfortable talking to people and letting them talk to you about issues they have and being constructive and positive in your reaction to that.”

Rodgers did something similar to “run the table” two years ago, after Green Bay started 1-2 and the town was in a panic. He went on his then-weekly radio show, “Tuesdays with Aaron,” and spelled out the word, “R-E-L-A-X.” The Packers won 11 of their next 13 games, earned a first-round bye and beat Dallas in the divisional round before losing at Seattle in the NFC Championship Game.

“I don’t think it gets recognized, the leadership and type of teammate he is,” McCarthy said. “If there’s ever a period of time that exemplifies it, it’s right now.”