That first win was far from a cinch for Shanahan and Lynch.

That first win was far from a cinch for Shanahan and Lynch. But now that it’s there, of the good vibes, everyone’s aware.

Miller, Anaheim Ducks goalie: When I think of Thanksgiving, it’s one dish. My mom always makes a green bean casserole. It’s such a Midwest thing. There are green beans, canned mushrooms and then the french onions on top.

Bolstered by its bigger NFC TV markets, “Fox NFL Sunday,” which has been the top Sunday morning pregame show for decades, is the only NFL pregame show that remains virtually flat this season, with average viewers ticking up 0.6 percent to 4.705 million.

Of all the NFL pregame shows, ESPN’s “Countdown” made the most sweeping changes during the offseason. Many insiders were surprised when the 31-year-old Ponder jumped from “College GameDay” into the “Countdown” host chair over Trey Wingo and/or Suzy Kolber, who were more experienced.
Here are five things the Packersdo to get Hundley from major drop-off to more-than-adequate understudy.

Reining in Hundley does neither him nor the Packers good at this point. Although they would prefer to avoid turnovers, they can’t allow one interception or fumble to throw Hundley off his game.

Green Bay trusts its system under McCarthy. In turn, the team should trust Hundley to improve, starting with Monday night’s game against Detroit.

Because the Dolphins weren’t harassed enough by the defenses of Baltimore and Oakland the last two weeks, here come the Panthers with the second most sacks in the NFL, at 29 (sixth-most per game). Talk about the Titanic (as Cam Newton hilariously did).

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