That would be good news for the Raiders and bad news for the rest of the AFC West.

Even if the signs throughout training camp have been positive, that won’t be answered until the regular season. Edwards doesn’t need convincing.
“I don’t think he’s lost nothing,” he said. “I think it gave his body a chance to rest and recupe and now, he’s practicing like when he first came in the league. I seen him work out and he’s looking great to me. I don’t think he’s lost a step.”

That would be good news for the Raiders and bad news for the rest of the AFC West.

Those placed on injured reserve Sunday or later can be brought back after their team has played eight games.

The Seahawks have had their current logo and color scheme since the team unveiled its new Nike-designed uniforms in 2012.

That logo and its predecessor were updated versions of the original logo — which was inspired by Native American artwork — from the team’s inception in 1976.

Lots of changes for the Rams. Their helmet horns have changed from gold to white; their face mask has changed from blue to white; and all traces of gold have been removed from their pants striping. Just like last year, they’ll wear their white jerseys at home this season, which is fine, except that the jerseys still have gold trim, which no longer matches anything else in the uniform package. The whole set now feels out of balance, but we’ll have to live with it until 2019, when the Rams are expected to unveil a more comprehensive redesign to coincide with the opening of their new stadium (additional info here).

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