Texans left tackle Duane Brown did not make the trip to training camp with his teammates

We watched this unfold last year with Eric Berry and Joey Bosa. Berry waited almost the entire preseason to sign his franchise tender and report to the Chiefs. Bosa and the Chargers couldn’t agree on two key issues — offset language and Bosa’s signing bonus — and the rookie held out for four weeks before the two sides compromised.

So far this year, Texans left tackle Duane Brown did not make the trip to training camp with his teammates. Le’Veon Bell is officially holding out, as are Aaron Donald and Donald Penn.

Bell, Brown, Donald and Penn all have two things in common this year: They’re fundamentally important to their teams and deserve to be paid for it, but those teams hold most of the leverage in this situation.

The possibilities are practically endless. It could be a game with your favorite team’s biggest rival, a clash between two of the best teams in the league, or even a bottom-of-the-barrel game between two teams fighting for draft position.

No matter the matchup, we’re all just happy to have football back in our lives. These were our picks for the game that we would attend.

The Super Bowl rematch we’ve all been waiting for. The Falcons showed that they could play with the Patriots, until they didn’t.

The last edition of the game gave us a Would Have Been Super Bowl MVP performance by Grady Jarrett, Taylor Gabriel destroying Malcolm Butler’s soul, and two of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history by Julio Jones and Julian Edelman.

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