Stephen Curry still has best-selling jersey in NBA

Authentic Youth Clint Boling Jersey Stephen Curry might be the fourth-highest paid player on the Warriors, but he’s first when it comes to jersey sales.
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The NBA announced Tuesday that Curry still has the best-selling jersey in the league, over LeBron James.

The data was based on sales on from October through December.

Indeed, freshmen will dominate the 2017 NBA Draft. Sporting News’ latest NBA Draft big board has 18 players from the 2016 high school recruiting class in its NBA Draft Top 30, a ridiculously high number that accentuates how incredibly talented this group. But freshmen won’t be the only players drafted in the 2017 NBA Draft. And some players on the upperclass level have stepped up in order to keep pace with the dominance of the new kids on the block.

With the new year upon us, here is a 2017 NBA Draft stock report, with special emphasis on some returning perimeter players who have made strides in their game and established themselves as potential first round picks, as well as some teenage big men who haven’t made the expected leaps and instead put themselves in more precarious positions.

Making Irving’s crossovers deadlier is he also has one of the best spin moves in the NBA. If a defender bites too hard on one of his crossovers by trying to get back in front of him, he’ll spin around them and throw the ball in front of him to put himself in better position to continue the drive.

Irving will also wrap his arms around the ball when he spins closer to the basket to prevent a defender from slapping it out of his grip. Notice how quickly he slips past Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 鈥?an athletic wing who has had success guarding some of the league’s best point guards in the past 鈥?following an in-and-out crossover on this possession.

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