Nets’ Quincy Acy gets up to play, realizes coach only wanted water

We’ve all been there, waiting for the signal from our coach to go into the game.

Nets forward Quincy Acy thought he was getting that signal on Thursday night against the Knicks.

Is Giles forever changed by injury, or is he still returning and gathering leg strength and confidence? This is where NBA scouts having more of a sample of Giles than just this season comes into play. They know what he was capable of in high school, and my guess is that they would go into the offseason considering him as a first-round talent. The key will be what happens in May with his medical examinations if he decides to enter the draft. If those go well, he’ll go in the first round.

For the Rockets to be as successful as they have been this season, it’s required Harden to strike the perfect balance between being a scorer and facilitator. He showed signs of being an elite passer in the past, but he’s taken a huge step forward under D’Antoni. With the amount he handles the ball, it would be easy for teams to slow the Rockets down if he wasn’t a good passer by forcing him to be a facilitator. It works the other way around as well. If Harden wasn’t a good scorer, they’d take away his passing opportunities to force him into being the main source of offense.

Irving would have to prove that he could do the same. It’s not that he can’t pass or lead an offense. He just hasn’t had as much success as Harden had before this season. We all know he can score with the best of them, so this isn’t about whether or not he could average 30 points per game or lead the league in scoring in D’Antoni’s system. It has more to do with whether or not he could turn a team into a contender if he was in the perfect situation.steelers_123

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