How the Celtics helped Isaiah Thomas become a fourth-quarter killer

Authentic Akeem Spence Jersey To get Thomas going in fourth quarters, Stevens often starts him so he can get valuable reps against the opposing team’s second units. Sometimes Thomas will get a breather at the midpoint of the quarter before checking back in for the final stretch, but it’s not unusual for him to play the entire fourth quarter when the game is close. It helps that Stevens does a good job of conserving his minutes during the rest of the game with Thomas ranking 21st in minutes per game (34.5) on the season.

Authentic Marcus Gilbert Jersey When you put all of those factors together — fresh(er) legs, obvious change in aggression, use of different lineups and different sets — it’s easier to understand how Thomas has developed into a crunch time killer this season. His job isn’t necessarily as easy as he makes it sound, but the combination is at least replicable to the point where he has turned an act into a habit.

Here’s an idea: If NBA stars won’t play when they’re healthy, maybe should give paying fans and the TV partners a refund. I’m sure that will be on the table in the next collective bargaining agreement.

TNT analyst Charles Barkley is of that mind, too.

I think it’s a joke, especially when you’re screwing your TV partners. Just for the record, we’re the reason they make $10 (million), $20 (million), $30 million. TV. No disrespect to the fans. But the reason players make $10 (million), $20 (million), $30 million (annually) is because of the TV partners: ESPN and us at Turner, Barkley said Monday on The Rich Eisen Show.

Barkley said fans should sit out games and TV telecasts for a week to get the attention of today’s cash-conscious players.

The fans need to boycott games and boycott television to send these guys a message, because people always understand money, he said.

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