The Patriots’ 2001 AFC divisional playoff game will long be remembered for many reasons

The Pittsburgh Steelers can say their loss to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 10 was just one game, another excuse to get back to work and follow the blue-collar script.

But the weight of that low moment — and the images of RB Ezekiel Elliott bursting through his own line untouched over and over — can either catalyze a team or crush it.

The Patriots’ 2001 AFC divisional playoff game will long be remembered for many reasons, including Vinatieri’s field goal to force OT and field goal to win the game.

He threw a strike down the middle, Coach Blevins started crying in front of a sports bar TV in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the Belichicks and Bradys were born. Vinatieri told Blevins by phone that night he pulled up his head quickly on the kick because that was one ball in flight he positively had to watch. By the time Vinatieri confronted his next make-or-break Super Bowl field goal in Houston two years later, against the Panthers, most of the suspense was gone.

Limited Youth Jrue Holiday Jersey But that 41-yarder in Reliant Stadium said a lot more about Vinatieri than most people knew. He missed a 31-yarder early in that Super Bowl, and then a 36-yarder was blocked in the second quarter. As the kicker approached the potential game-winner in the final seconds, he knew his 38-year-old long-snapper, Brian Kinchen, had spent most of that week unraveling before Belichick’s eyes, launching balls high and bouncing them in the grass. Kinchen hadn’t played in three years when the Patriots summoned him out of retirement late in that 2003 season, and suddenly his attempts to snap the ball to holder Ken Walter started looking like Chuck Knoblauch’s old throws from second base to first.

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