Chiefs demand our attention, perhaps even our respect

Raiders, Patriots, and Seahawks could clinch 2017 NFL playoff berths this week. Oakland, New England, and Seattle can clinch playoff berths this week, while Dallas could clinch home field. Not only that, the Chiefs could overtake the Raiders for first place in the AFC West.
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Both teams would be 10-3, but a Kansas City win would give them a sweep of the Raiders in the regular season and their division record would sit at 4-0 compared to 2-2 for the Raiders. That would vault New England back into the No. 1 seed in the AFC, however, because of conference record.

And if the Chiefs were able to get home-field advantage in the playoffs, maybe it won’t turn out like it did last year or the time before that when the Colts stormed back from a 28-point deficit.

Still, the Vikings won’t face any teams that are currently above .500 during the last four weeks of the season as they make a final push for a playoff berth. Even if Peterson is more of a decoy than a weapon, they could use him to open up a passing game that is starting to find success with wideouts Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen.

It’s a situation worth watching for numerous reasons. If Peterson can play and doesn’t with the Vikings still in the hunt, this could get messy real quick, making an uncertain future for the former superstar cloudier than ever.

The All-Pro running back is coming off a torn meniscus — his second major knee injury in the last five years — and at 31 years old, he likely doesn’t have too many great games left in him. So it makes sense that he wouldn’t want to risk his future on meaningless action. It sounds more like he’s trying to focus on using what he has left for the postseason.
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Adrian Peterson: “I’m thinking that we’re going to make the playoffs so that’s what I’m keeping my mind set on.”

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